A Little Background

Back in 2009, in a small town not too far from Gettysburg, the soon-to-be famous (and fearless) Freddy found himself wrongfully incarcerated in a Dollar Store.

Kelly, American Odyssey Relay’s Director of Fun, sprung him one beautiful Spring day by distracting the poor salesman.  You’ve seen Thelma and Louise right?  Well, for the next two days it was Kelly and Freddy, traveling the countryside having all sorts of adventures and hi-jinks. It was weirdly reminiscent of that girls’ road trip movie  – even though, to be clear, Freddy is a guy.

Freddy enjoyed his new-found freedom.  He made friends with many people and was quite well behaved – especially given his long incarceration.  Freddy never really spoke about why he was kept prisoner for so many years.  Some say it was for political reasons.  We’re sure it wasn’t drugs or a violent crime, though there was some dirty rumor years ago about a crime of passion but that remains unconfirmed.

For several years, Kelly kept Freddy under her watchful eye and he behaved.  The more he behaved, the more Kelly started to give him freedom.  Regrettably, this was a bad idea. Based on what happened, we can assume with some confidence that Freddy was serving time for non-payment of child support.  Freddy started to go out on the town, night after night, and before too long evidence of his escapades began to show up throughout the DC Metro area.  Shockingly, a number of “baby Freddies” started to appear in the strangest of places.  No matter where one traveled, there was a baby Freddy there!

Oh, yes, they are cute and can be wonderful companions… but, who will care for all these fledgling flamingos and keep them from turning to a life of crime or a career as a tacky lawn ornament?!

While we could never have foreseen this outcome (and therefore accept no blame) we do feel the need to address the issue head on.  As a result of these happenings, we created the Freddy Foundation. The Foundation is funding the I Found Freddy campaign as an all-out effort to not only find, but adopt all of the baby Freddies out there.