I Found Freddy is a game.  A simple game.  What questions could you possibly have?  I bet you have a few.  Heck, we have a few! We will try to address the questions we think you might have when you start to play.  Then, you can tell us about any other questions that you actually have and if they are GOOD questions, we will add them here.

We were bored. As far as how it relates, take a look at the background section. Director of Fun at the American Odyssey Relay, Kelly Cameron, used Freddy as a mascot during an early American Odyssey Relay, and Freddy’s popularity has escalated from there.
We will publicly ridicule you. Actually, we will get together as a group of judges and share a really good bottle of wine and excellent dinner and write it off as a business meeting during which we will determine how many points to award. Seriously, just post it to the group. It’s fine.
No! Emphatically no. You can run in one of these GREAT races. Or you can volunteer. Or you can just play I Found Freddy. I Found Freddy is expanding beyond our races to include both bricks-and-mortar and online environments. Stay tuned!
Unless you are 93 years old and live in Florida, you need to find new friends. And sure.  If you take a picture of your gift and post it to our Facebook group, you’ll get a point.  We’re easy.