What happens to all of these Freddy Points?

Well, several things, all of them good!

bobblecropFirst and foremost, we have absurdly cute Freddy bobble heads. Everyone who accumulates at least 10 Freddy Points by the end of the Freddy year (Freddy years end 3/31) will receive one.

So, you want a bobble head?

Then find Freddy!!  And post.  Make sure to start each post with #ifoundfreddy.

All Participants:

Everyone who gets at least 2 Freddy Points will receive an I Found Freddy car magnet.  Everyone who gets at least 5 Freddy Points will receive an I Found Freddy t-shirt!  And, the Top Ten participants will be listed on the leaderboard during the entire game.

So, here’s a quick Freddy Point cheat sheet:

  1. Find Freddy during one of our races and post to the appropriate Facebook Group for your city and you will receive two Freddy points–more for a very clever post
  2. Find Freddy in a store, bar or one of our other partners—Worth 2 or more points depending upon the creativity of your post and, again, points are only awarded if you post to the appropriate Facebook Group page.
  3. Find Freddy on a website for one of our sponsors or charities—Points to be earned will be determined when we give you clues about the Freddies hiding in these sites. Stay tuned!