I Found Freddy is a game.  It is a fun game.  It is quirky, and offbeat, and different.  It is meant to show how different and cool we are compared to other races.  How are we doing so far?

Freddy is a flamingo.  Make sure you know that.  He has been called lots of other names and confused with lots of other animals.  It’s important to know Freddy’s origin if you’re going to succeed at the game.

As you can see from other parts of this website, Freddy has some skeletons in his closet.  And, he has lots and lots of little baby Freddies (or is it Freddys, we’re not sure) out there to deal with.  Your job is to help us find these Freddies and get them to adoptive homes where they can be safe and well cared for in the years to come.

Here’s how you can help.

  1. Join the I Found Freddy Facebook group for your city.
  2. Find Freddy or multiple Freddies (or is it Freddys, we just don’t know) along the course of any of our participating races. You may also spot Freddies – either our official Freddies (2 points each!) or any ol’ Freddy flamingo (1 point each) – when you’re out and about – in stores, on walks, in your friend’s house, wherever!!  Keep your eyes open, as you never know where a Freddy will appear!  We will be planting official Freddies in various locations that players might frequent – so be on the lookout! Official Freddies found at various partner locations can earn up to 4 points!
  3. Post a video or picture to your city-specific I Found Freddy Facebook group, explain where you found Freddy (begin it with #ifoundfreddy), and you will receive your points.
  4. The funnier and wittier your post, the more points you will be awarded by our staff of Supremely Qualified Judges.
  5. The fun doesn’t end once you find Freddy. Encourage your friends to join the I Found Freddy Facebook group for your city and to like your posts. For every 10 likes you receive, you will be awarded an additional Freddy Point.
  6. Give Freddy a home after the event. Post from your home with Freddy riding on your dog, eating with your three-year-old, trick-or-treating, or whatever fun mischief Freddy participates in with you.  These pictures will all earn additional Freddy Points when you post them to the Facebook group for your city. Limit 1 post per Freddy per day.  That means if you find multiple Freddies in one day, great, post away!  But if you decide to take 47 pictures of the same Freddy at your family reunion and post all of them at once, you’ll only get points for one.
  7. We will award Freddy Points every week or two, so the leader boards will be updated (semi)-regularly.  Each month, our Supremely Qualified Judges will choose the best Freddy post on each of our Facebook group pages from that month. The post will be featured as the profile pic for the city-specific I Found Freddy Facebook group in the upcoming month, and the participant will receive four additional Freddy Points!